Furrytail Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat- Pre Order


Thank you for your support on Furrytail! The window perch is a pre-order product which will be dispatched on the 20th Oct.

We offer 10% discount to customers who want to be the first to get one and secure a unit in advance. 


According to animal behavior experts, cats prefer to sleep and hang out in high places with good views. This is attributed to their self-preservation instincts. Also, being in a high position allows them to spot potential dangers around them. Introducing Tail Life Concept’s VIP Viewing Platform where your feline friend can sleep and chill while looking over a nice view from your window or any place higher that she prefers.

Key Benefits:

Safe and Secure

Don’t worry about your cat falling off this platform. It comes with a giant and reliable suction that holds it in place as it hangs on a durable cable while providing your cat a 360° view on her sunbathing platform. 


This VIP Viewing Platform can hold and support multiple cats weighing a maximum of 35kg. It is also suitable for large cats.

High-quality materials

Tail Life Concept’s VIP Viewing Platform offers a cozy and comfortable resting seat with a breathable fabric and durable frames made of strong iron pipes that will not be easily deformed. 

Easy to Clean

It comes with a removable fabric that is easy to clean with soap and water. This fabric is quick-drying and always ready to be used whenever your cat wants to hang out somewhere high.

Easy to Install

No need to punch a hole in your wall that will cause permanent damage. Simply stick the suction on your wall and twist to tighten its hold.

Add this Furrytail Cat Window Perch to your cart today, so your feline friend can enjoy great views while hanging out in her favorite spot!

  • Brand: Tail Life Concept
  • Frame size: 570mm x 326mm
  • Hammock size: 434mm x 326mm
  • Total height: 600mm
  • Scope of application: Universal for cats
  • Recommended weight: not more than 35 kg
  • Material:
  • Purple: PVC, iron pipe, polyester, zinc alloy 
  • Orange: Canvas, iron pipe, polyester, zinc alloy
  • Available colors: Purple and Orange