Watermelon Covered Cat Litter Box Summer Limited Edition


Who does not love the refreshing taste of watermelon - It’s the same as asking who does not adore the cute little face your cat make when they want to just cuddle and snug close to you! Whether it is watermelon or your adorable cats, both will give you that refreshing and invigorating feeling every time you get in contact with them!

That is why getting your cutie feline buddy the Watermelon Covered Cat Litter Box will double the cuteness overload when both of them are around! Check out these amazing features found on this item:


  • A BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY OF COLORS as these unique cat toilet looks just like a watermelon. With its splash of green, red and spots of black, it will definitely attract the attention of your furry feline that they would love staying and relaxing in this space.


  • PROVIDES YOUR PET THEIR OWN PRIVATE SPACE so that they will feel comfortable while using the toilet. With its closed door, your cat will have their own space and will not be disturbed by your other pets at home when they want to poop.


  • A MORE CONVENIENT WAY FOR YOU TO CLEAN as you can easily pull out the litter box from its compartment so that you can dispose of their waste effortlessly.


  • COMES WITH A CATCH BASIN placed right in front of the toilet that catches any particles that your pet may have carried inside.


  • A NICE HOME ACCENT with its lovely design and color!


Give your pet a nice space that they can call their own when you get them this private cat toilet! Add them to your cart today!