Furrytail Persimmon Tannin No Rinse Pet Wipe 10pc Pack



As fur parents, we want our pets to be clean and fresh all day. But when pets are afraid of getting wet, a pet owner must find a way to ensure proper hygiene without rinsing them. Luckily, a product is now available to address this concern, introducing the Persimmon Tannin Spa Gloves.

Key Benefits:

No water needed

It can be tedious to clean after our pets, most especially if they dislike water. With the Persimmon Tannin Spa Gloves, fur parents do not need to rinse their pets after cleaning. 


The fur parent can wear the Persimmon Tannin Spa Gloves and easily clean their fur baby without the need to restrain them, as it leads to unnecessary stress for both you and your pet. These gloves can clean your pet in less than 60 seconds and dry with ease as well. 

Safe and Clean

The Persimmon Tannin Spa Gloves are made with persimmon-derived tannin that is anti-bacterial. They are individually packed to make sure that each glove is fresh and clean. 

Absorbs odor

Adding olive oil ester, babassu seed oil glycerol polyether, the permeability is stronger, it can better cover the peculiar smell of stains and dissolve the peculiar smell. 

The Persimmon Tannin Spa Gloves has an English Pear & Freesia scent that can easily absorb any unwanted odor of your pet. 

Clean your pet without water with these easy steps!

  1. Comb and untangle your pet’s hair.
  2. Use the glove to wipe your pet’s mouth, nose, and ears.
  3. Wipe the rest of the body by gently massaging the essence to moisturize the skin. For best results, wipe back and forth.
  4. Let it dry naturally.

Add to your cart now and say goodbye to stress over dirty and smelly pets!

  • Brand: FURRYTAIL
  • Product Name: Persimmon Tannin Spa Gloves
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Scope of application: Universal for cats and dogs

Note: Store at room temperature and avoid light. Keep out of reach of children.