Furrytail Mixed Tofu Cat Litter, Heavy Duty Flushable Kitty Litter -Pre Order


Thank you for your support on Furrytail! The Mixed Tofu Litter is a pre-order product which will be dispatched on the 20th Oct.

We offer 10% discount to customers who want to be the first to get one and secure a unit in advance. 

You love your cat, but you have to admit it, cleaning up your furry friend’s litter box is not one of your favorite things to do. It is a messy job, but it is every pet owner’s responsibility to safeguard not only your pet’s health but your family’s as well. To make clean-up easier and more bearable for you, Furrytail has created a special 10-in-1 cat litter mixture with elements, rare earth, herbs, mineral, and ores for 10x more odor absorption than the ordinary cat litter mix. 


Key Benefits: 

Helps transition from Sand to Tofu

The Furrytail Mixed Cat Litter effectively assists cats that are transitioning from clumping sand cat litter to tofu. It also features a cyclone dust removal process making it a healthier choice for you and your pet. 

Heavy-duty cat litter

Highly recommended for families with multiple cats in their homes, Furrytail’s 10-in-1 mixed cat litter is heavy-duty as rocks clump tighter to better lock in unwanted odor. 

Good for elderly cats 

This specially-formulated 10-in-1 cat litter mix is suitable for elderly cats with its fast absorption, keeping your cat cleaner and healthier. The consistency is just right and prevents an elderly cat from sinking to his ankles. Digging is also not difficult when it comes to this special cat litter mix. Creating rock-solid and easy to scoop clumps, pet owners can maintain a clean environment for older cats, especially for those who are experiencing mobility issues.

Super strong odor control

Furrytail’s Mixed Cat Litter contains K4 nano-ore crystals with a higher number of nano-scale micropores that boost odor absorption by more than ten times!  With its unbeatable odor control along with anti-bacterial properties that kill 99.9% of odorous bacteria, your home will be safer and healthier not just for your pets but for your family as well. 

Flushable for convenience 

To make clean-up and disposal even more convenient, Furrytail created a flushable mixture that will not clog your toilets.

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  • Brand: FURRYTAIL
  • Product Name: Furrytail Mixed Cat Litter
  • Scope of application: Universal for cats
  • Shelf life: 2 years