Furrytail Little Snail Cat Bed

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Your little furry buddies will now have a shell of their own – just like a clam, turtle or crab! Take home the Snail Soft Cat Nest and give your adorable cat a nice place to stay and call it their own! You can be that they will surely enjoy their own private time while inside this chic pet home.

  • THEY ARE SOFT AND CUSHIONY that your cats would love hanging around and inside this snail-like home. They are made from fluffy fabric that will give your pet's comfort and ease so that they can easily relax inside the space.
  • MADE WITH JUST THE RIGHT SIZE, you pets will fit perfectly inside this cat nest and can even snuggle comfortably inside! With its cute opening, it provides the right size entrance while leaving enough space for ventilation.
  • AVAILABLE IN THREE DIFFERENT SHADES, each one will look amazing inside your home and will create that perfect balance of color that will look great no matter what type of home interior you have employed.
  • MADE FROM DURABLE MATERIAL, you can be sure that your cat nest will stay with you and your pet for a very long time.
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Product Details:
  • Color: Light Grey, White, Pink
  • Applicable size:  15.8” L x 8.5” W x 3.3” H huge space inside can easy fits 15 kg cats