Furrytail Cat & Dog Bubble Paw Cleansing Foam

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Now you can keep your pet’s paws looking clean, feeling soft and always fresh when you take home the Cat Bubble Cleansing Foam! Wash off dirt, mud or any particles away from your pet’s paws with a handy tool that lets you take it anywhere.

PORTABLE AND HANDY as it comes with just the right size that will easily fit your bag or luggage. Take your pet out for a vacation while ensuring that their paws stay clean always.

COMES WITH A BRUSHER AND CLEANSING FOAM IN ONE so that you won’t need to carry with you any additional tool just to clean your pet’s paw. Easily cleanse and brush off dirt with this product.

KEEPS YOUR PET SMELLING FRESH as this product comes with a refreshing scent that will leave your cat smelling good all day long! Pair this product up with a sweet-smelling shampoo and you can bet that you would want to cuddle with your furry friend all the time.

DESIGNED FOR EASY USAGE so that you won’t have to spend lots of time checking how to use the product and focus more on cleaning your pet’s paws! Just follow the three easy steps and your pet’s paws will be clean just like a kitten!

How to Use the Product:

1.Squeeze a tiny amount of the product using the dispenser and watch the product release towards the brush.
2.Gently scrub your pet’s paws using the scrubber and you will see the cleanser foam into a foam.
3.Once done, carefully wipe off your pet’s paws with a clean towel.

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Product Details:
Size: 150 ml