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Furrytail Cloud Cat Scratching Board | Cat Scratcher


Furrytail Cloud Cat Scratching Board | Cat Scratcher is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Now you’ll never have to worry about your favorite pet scratching on your wall, furniture and any other item or corners inside your home! Get them the Cloud Cat Scratch Board and always have a scratching board ready when your pet feels like scratching.
  • CAT GROOMING RIGHT AT HOME as this scratch board helps remove the outer layer of your cats’ nails allowing them to maintain the strength and pristine condition of their nails. It will also serve as a territorial boundary for your cat.
  • KEEP YOUR CAT HEALTHY AS THEY SCRATCH FEELY. That is because cats scratch and stretch their claws to release stress or excitement and calms their senses with feel-good hormones.
  • FANCY CLOUD DESIGN that will also serve as an accent piece inside your home! Hang them on your call or place them on the floor and they will still look trendy.
  • A FUN PLAY TOY FOR YOUR PET so that they won’t have to look for your home furniture or other items inside your home to play around! This way your furniture stays free from scratches while you and your cat spend the time and play!

What are you waiting for? Grab this scratchboard today and give your cats an easy way to scratch their nails away.

Product Details:
Material: FDA certified corrugated recycled paper
Brand: Furrytail
Color: White
Size: 57 * 40.8 * 5.4cm
Weight: 1.2kg