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Furrytail Goat Milk Essence Shampoo

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Give your little furry friends a warm bath with a touch of love and affection! Use only a shampoo that will leave your cat’s fur feeling soft and smooth and will not cause any irritation! Get the Goat Milk Essence Shampoo and cuddle your little pet when their fur is wrapped with this nice scent all over!

  • IT CONTAINS LOTS OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS! Particularly, goats’ milk is high in vitamin A which is important when it comes to repairing skin damage while maintaining healthy skin. It also reduces skin impurities and keeps them soft and radiant.
  • SOOTHES OUT IRRITATION with its soft and silky texture which will lather well on your cat’s fur. Wash your pet with regular water and lather a nice amount of the shampoo as you gently rub it on their fur and feel the soft and silky feeling after rinsing them off.
  • WITH ITS LIGHT SCENT, you will definitely love being around your little pet all the time! Cuddle them while you are lounging on your sofa or play with them all day long and you can bet their fur will smell amazing with regular use.
  • NO NEED TO GO TO A PET CLINIC FOR SHAMPOOING as you can easily do it at home! Now you can have the comfort of bathing your cat at the comfort of your home and at your time and pace! May hygiene time a bonding moment for you and your beloved furball.

What are you waiting for? No need to go out of the house just to take your pet for a quick shampoo at the local pet clinic! Do it at home and spend more time with your cat when you have a shampoo that will definitely make your pet smelling fresh! Add them to your cart today!

Capacity: 300ML