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Furrytail Summer Ice Pop Cooling Mat


Summertime can be uncomfortably hot, and it is not only fur parents that feel it, our pets also do. They tend to overheat easily as compared to humans and can get dehydrated quickly. As fur parents, we are responsible for the comfort of our pets, especially in the warmer months. Worry no more as the Furrytail Summer Ice Pop Cooling Mat is now available to help keep your beloved pets comfortable in the summer heat. 

Key Benefits:

Immediate Relief

The Furrytail Summer Ice Pop Cooling Mat lowers the body temperature by as much as 5ºC, giving your pet instant relief from the hot weather. Pets will no longer be breathing heavily, panting, and drooling.


The Furrytail Summer Ice Pop Cooling Mat remains cold for up to five (5) hours. It can surely keep your mind at ease during the hottest time of the day. 

Soft and Durable

The cooling technology of the Furrytail Summer Ice Pop Cooling Mat is made of molecular technology polymer ice beads. On the other hand, the outside fabric is made of polyester taffeta that feels like silk. The combination of these materials is pet-friendly and safe to use. 


The Furrytail Summer Ice Pop Cooling Mat is waterproof with its outside material laminated with PVC. Cleaning the Furrytail Summer Ice Pop Cooling Mat is a breeze even for busy fur moms and dads. 

Add this cooling mat to your cart today and make your beloved pets feel refreshed and comfortable in the summer heat!

  • Brand: FURRYTAIL
  • Product specifications: 32 x 42 inch
  • Scope of application: Universal for cats and dogs
  • Recommended weight: not more than 7 kg
  • Filling: Cotton and the water-absorbent resin
  • Fabric: Polyester taffeta laminated with PVC