3 Things You Need to Know About Cat Carriers

3 Things You Need to Know About Cat Carriers

3 Things You Need to Know About Cat Carriers

It is no secret Australians love their cats. Nearly 30,000 cats were homed in the past year alone. Adopting a cat can bring so much joy to your daily life, but it is essential to have quality equipment. 

A cat carrier is one of the first items to buy when adopting a new kitty. They are essential for taking your cat out into the world safely. They come in many styles and designs, and there is a lot to know. 

We know what you're wondering. 

What should I look for in a cat carrier? Are backpack cat carriers safe? How do I put my cat in a carrier? 

Great questions! Keep reading for the answers and all you need to know about cat carriers. 

1. How Cat Carriers Work

Cat carriers are the vessel your cat will use to move around in the outside world. The goal is to keep your cat safe while out and about. Whether you like to take your cat on regular hikes or just want to transport your cat to the vet, a carrier is an essential piece of cat equipment. 

How Much Are Cat Carriers?

Prices for cat carriers can vary widely. Keep in mind: if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. A poorly-made carrier likely will not keep your cat safe in the event of an accident.

A quality cat carrier is worth the investment. 

Where to Get Cat Carriers

If you are a new cat owner, you may be wondering where to find cat carriers. Many pet stores keep them in stock, but stylish options may be less available. If you are looking for cat carriers in Australia, check out Furrytail

2. What To Look For in Cat Carriers

There are a few essential things to remember to ensure your cat is in a great carrier.

A suitable cat carrier is a safe one. Your kitty should be secure and protected while driving or outdoors. They should also be comfortable—getting your cat to go into their carrier should not be scary for your pet.

What Cat Carriers Are the Best?

The best cat carriers are safe cat carriers. As long as your cat feels comfortable, you are good to go. 

Some key things to look for in cat carriers include:

  • Safety: Is the cat secure and protected?
  • Ventilation: Will your cat get plenty of fresh air?
  • Comfort: If your cat is coming along on a long trip, will they be comfortable?

As long as your cat carrier meets these three components, you can start having fun with styles and cat carrier size. Cat carriers come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Get a cat carrier that matches your style and taste while keeping your kitten secure and happy.

Can You Wash Cat Carriers?

Yes! Not only can cat carriers be washed, but they should also be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning instructions may vary by brand, but at the minimum, be sure to clear out any food or waste your cat may have left behind, wash the inside, and wipe down the outside. Any removable pieces should be thoroughly cleaned as well before taking your kitty back on the road. 

How to Safely Put a Cat in a Carrier

The best way to safely put a cat in a carrier is to make the cat as comfortable as possible. Try to keep the carrier available for the cat even when not in use, so your cat can explore and be comfortable around it. Taking the carrier out when it is time to load the cat up can create unnecessary anxiety for your kitty. 

Reward your cat for getting into the carrier with treats and praise. Associating the act of getting into the carrier will make it easier to train the cat to get in when it's time to go. Start young—carrier training your kitten now will make life much easier when it is an adult.

Most importantly, only use positive reinforcement with your kitty. Cats do not understand or respond to yelling or aggression—this only creates fear around getting into the carrier. Keep treats and toys on hand and try to keep everything calm and happy for a better experience all around.

3. Different Features and Styles of Cat Carriers

There is a wide variety of cat carriers. However, that doesn't mean there aren't some standard features to look out for.

Do Cats Prefer Hard or Soft Carriers?

It’s an age-old question: Is the best cat carrier hard or soft? Cat carrier material can vary, and so can a cat's preference. This really depends on the cat.

Some cats prefer the structure and space of a rigid carrier. Other cats may like the coziness of a soft carrier.

Fortunately, we have great cat carriers in both options. Try each out and see what kind your cat is more comfortable in. 

Are Backpack Cat Carriers Safe?

Backpack carriers are one of the trendiest cat carriers available today. Rather than carrying the cat in a tote-style bag, you can wear your cat in a pet-safe backpack. But are they really safe for your kitten?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Be sure to look for a backpack carrier that provides lots of fresh air circulation and ventilation while still giving kitty room to move around. These backpack carriers can even reduce the swinging of a traditional carrier. 

The best cat carriers to wear can also be great for your comfort! They can reduce pressure on your arms and carry your cat in a much more natural way. 

What Are Some Good Cat Carriers?

Are you on the hunt for a suitable cat carrier? There are both traditional and unique options.

The Unique Carrier Bag

Traditional cat carriers don't need to be boring. The Furrytail Space Capsule Cat Carrier has landed on Earth to transport your cat. 

Designed to be both stylish and practical, this cat carrier has it all. Plenty of ventilation and comfortable padding will keep your cat happy, even if they aren't a big fan of cat carriers. The smartly designed handle will keep you comfortable, too.

This one-of-a-kind shaped cat carrier is pretty enough to be left out in your home even when not in use. It is perfect for getting your cat acquainted with and comfortable in the carrier so that the experience won't be nearly as frightening for them. Your kitty will love using this fun, spherical carrier as a hang-out spot. 

The Adventurous Backpack Carrier

The Furrytail Navigator Cat Backpack is perfect for the kitty on the move. This backpack is made with details to keep your cat happy, including lots of room, window panels, and multiple ventilation points. The Navigator even has a fan attached to keep your cat cool. 

The backpack carrier is perfect for taking your cat along on a walk or just around outdoors. Your cat will love looking out their windows and getting some fresh air, and you will love the durable materials and ergonomic design.


Try Out a Stylish New Cat Carrier Today

Now that you are an expert on cat carriers, you should have everything you need to know about selecting one. Just remember: 

Are backpack cat carriers safe? Yes!

Do cat carriers need to be boring-looking? No!

Should my cat carrier keep my cat safe and happy? Absolutely yes!

Who sells cat carriers? Furrytail!

For more information about cat carrier options, visit the Furrytail shop. Go on; try out a new cat carrier today.